Bamboo is a material that is familiar to Japanese people, and bamboo baskets have been made all over Japan since ancient times.
Here in Kyoto, bamboo baskets are also used for the tea ceremony or for flower arrangement ‘ikebana’.
Delicate expressions and techniques associated with the creation have been refined by artisans over many years.

At Kisetsu we use techniques developed through this unique tradition to produce bags that are modern lifestyle accessories.
The name of our company, “Kisetsu,” reflects our desire to create products that delight and bring pleasure to their users all year round.
Our logo features the kanji “㐂” which is a variant of “喜” and denotes good fortune.

Our products are created with time-honored traditional techniques, and they become more unique as their appearance changes over time.
We hope you will enjoy them.

Profile of Hideaki Hosokawa, founder and artisan

Profile of Hideaki Hosokawa,

founder and artisan
Hideaki Hosokawa devoted himself to studying bamboo craftsmanship after he turned thirty.
He established a workshop/atelier in Kyoto, and his approach is notable for treading a path between innovation and ancient tradition.
Times may change, but he remains committed to the pursuit of innovation and universality,
with a focus on the creation of “products that people want to touch and hold, will never tire of and that have universal appeal regardless of age or gender.”
2020 Kyoto city certified as a master of the future ‘Mirai no Meisho’ (Kyoto bamboo crafts)”
2019 Received a Prize at Traditional Crafts of Japan 2019 (Aziro-ami Briefcase / Bamboo Briefcase)
2018 Received Japan’s Prime Minister’s Prize at Traditional Crafts of Japan 2018 (Aziro-ami Second bag / Bamboo Clutch Bag)
2014 Received Kyoto Mayor’s Award at bamboo crafts exhibition in Kyoto and Grand prix at Kyo-mono Use Competition
2013 Kyoto prefecture certified as a bamboo craft artisan ‘Kyo-mono nintei kogei-shi’
2012 Exibihited at Culturel du Louvre “Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel”, France
2011 National certification of bamboo craft first-class professional skills, Open the bamboo bag atelier KISETSU, Received Kyoto Mayor’s award at 51st Kyoto bamboo craft exhibition
2007 Graduated from Traditional Arts Super College of Kyoto
2005 Entered to Traditional Arts Super College of Kyoto
1974 Born in Tokyo

Bamboo Bag Atelier KISETSU

Address486-66 Nakatsukasacho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 602-8158
  • Although you will usually find us at work in the workshop, we are occasionally closed, for instance if we are out at an exhibition.
  • Please notify us in advance if you would like to visit.

How to order

Our bamboo basket bags are custom made to order. Please use the Inquiries form to contact us.
Delivery times and shipping costs vary depending on the specific product, size of order and availability of materials.
We will be happy to give you more details upon inquiry or when you place your order.

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